Meet Donna Lease, Administrative Assistant!

The Phi Sigma Pi National Office is very excited to welcome three new Staff Members to the National Office team and want you to meet them! The last blog we highlighted Programming Coordinator, Kasi Hicks. Today we would like to introduce you to Donna Lease, Administrative Assistant.

So Donna, what is your role on National Staff?
A few of my duties include monitoring incoming emails, assisting the National Office Staff as needed, processing membership dues and resolving issues pertaining to the Chapter Admin Portal.

What’s your favorite ideal of the Tripod?
My favorite ideal is Fellowship, which I find difficult to put into words. I know the definition of the word fellowship, but sometimes fellowship to me is more of a feeling. Here is my best attempt- Fellowship to me is the acceptance of others in a diverse world, it is learning selflessness, it is working together to benefit others, it is lifelong friendships with individuals who share common beliefs.

What do you like to do outside of the office?
Spending time with family, baking, reading, scrapbooking, camping and going to the cabin and the beach.

What’s your favorite color, snack and tv show?
My favorite color is purple, my favorite go-to snack is usually ice cream and my favorite tv show varies, but I like Sons of Anarchy, Bones, Army Wives and SuperNatural to name a few. However, we tend not to watch as much tv during nice weather.

What advice would you give to your young adult self?
I would tell my young adult self to learn to prioritize at an earlier age and learn to balance. Life is about balance and it takes some time to get that balance right – between family, work and self.

Donna can be reached at or by calling the National Office at (717) 299-4710.


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