Leadership in Action Certifications

Leadership in ActionCongratulations to the following Members who achieved their Leadership in Action Certification during the 2016-2017 fiscal year by reaching at least 75 Leadership in Action points.

Rebecca Ailes (Gamma Alpha Chapter ‘17)
Erin Anderson (Alpha Delta Chapter ‘17)
Kathryn Austin (Eta Eta Chapter ‘17)
Katie Bamberger (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘17)
Jeremiah Bloxson (Gamma Alpha Chapter ‘15)
Antonia Bongiovi (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘15)
Leah Burkett (Gamma Eta Chapter ‘18)
Mitchell Carroll (Zeta Xi Chapter ‘16)
Savannah Cohn (Gamma Tau Chapter ‘19)
Kadira Coley (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘99)
Patrick Cristobal (Zeta Psi Chapter ‘14)
Andrea Darby (Zeta Psi Chapter ‘18)
Jennifer Davis (Upsilon Chapter ‘17)
Kathryn Eckhoff (Zeta Omicron Chapter ‘17)
Felicia Farmer (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘18)
Francesca Ferri (Gamma Tau Chapter)
Hannah Frohman (Iota Chapter ‘17)
Delaney Gara (Iota Chapter ‘17)
Mikayla Grant (Beta Omega Chapter ‘17)
Dajana Harkness (Delta Iota Chapter ‘19)
Alyssa Hedrick (Epsilon Delta Chapter ‘16)
Patrick Herron (Alpha Epsilon Chapter ‘96)
Desiree Jackson (Alpha Epsilon Chapter ‘17)
Taylor James (Gamma Eta Chapter ‘17)
Ashleigh Johnson (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘19)
Molly Kelly-Goss (Gamma Tau Chapter ‘12)
Kaitlin Korte (Beta Omega Chapter ‘17)
Paige Kruger (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘18)
Katelyn Lenhart (Epsilon Alpha Chapter ‘17)
Lauren Lippert (Upsilon Chapter ‘11)
Carolyn Lodge (Alpha Delta Chapter ‘17)
Jocelyn Macaraeg (Alpha Theta ‘17)
Jennifer Mahon (Epsilon Omicron Chapter ‘17)
Joseph Michael Mathias (Alpha Omicron Chapter ‘12)
Robert Matteoni (Zeta Pi Chapter ‘17)
Katherine Mazza (Upsilon Chapter ‘17)
Kathryn McConnell (Gamma Phi Chapter ‘07)
Nicholas Merrill (Zeta Iota Chapter ‘17)
Jonathan Moreno (Epsilon Mu Chapter ‘17)
Alexander Moyer (Epsilon Nu Chapter ‘16)
Ali Myers (Gamma Sigma Chapter ‘16)
Kassandra Neltner (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘17)
Chelsea Nolan (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘17)
Luigi Nunez (Zeta Iota Chapter ‘17)
Jennifer Ortega (Epsilon Omicron Chapter ‘17)
Patricia Parsley (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘18)
Abigail Parsons (Eta Zeta Chapter ‘17)
Stephanie Patterson (Delta Iota Chapter ‘18)
Elizabeth Pattie (Delta Alpha Chapter ‘18)
Donmari Pingul (Delta Tau Chapter ‘18)
Annmarie Rice (Mu Chapter ‘17)
Morgan Richards (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘17)
Kelsey Robinson (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘17)
Kevin Ruffenach (Alpha Epsilon Chapter ‘17)
Ashley Sawdey (Epsilon Chi Chapter ‘17)
Parth Shah (Delta Alpha Chapter ‘14)
Janelle Shepherd (Gamma Alpha Chapter ‘17)
Melanie Simkins (Epsilon Phi Chapter ‘13)
Shari Spaeth (Iota Chapter ‘18)
Chris Storath (Beta Phi Chapter ‘14)
Trisha Toccafondi (Epsilon Beta Chapter ‘17)
Danielle Victory (Beta Upsilon Chapter ‘16)
Madison Wallace (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘19)
Rachel Wallace (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘19)
Sarah Warder (Gamma Alpha Chapter ‘17)
Jamie Weimer (Epsilon Rho Chapter ‘17)
Sarah Westfall (Gamma Beta Chapter ‘17)
Samantha Wolf (Kappa Chapter ‘17)
Emily Wood (Delta Alpha Chapter ‘18)
Andrea Woolsey (Beta Phi Chapter ‘16)
Ayah Yousef (Gamma Tau Chapter ‘18)


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