Last Call: E=MC2 Connections

On Founder’s Day this year, Phi Sigma Pi launched the  E=MC2 Challenge! The Phi Sigma Pi family was challenged  to submit connections they had on campuses across the country where a Phi Sigma Pi Chapter does not currently exist. This week is the final week to submit connections as a part of the E=MC2 Challenge and join the list of Members who have invested in helping the Fraternity grow!

E=MC2 stands for Expansion= Making Connections, Making Chapters!

The best way to start a new Chapter effort on a college campus is with an introduction or connection –a student, faculty/staff member, administrator or local contact who has many connections to the campus. The best connections come from our members, thus the E=MC2 Challenge was born.

  • Do you have a previous colleague who now works for a university?
  • Do you have a friend at another college or university who would be a great Founder?
  • Did your favorite professor or campus life professional transition into a role within another university?
  • Do you work in Higher Education?

We want as many students as possible across the country to be able to experience Phi Sigma Pi! Help us achieve our goal by connecting us to your community of friends, family and acquaintances.

As a final challenge within E=MC2, any connections submitted today to schools we do not currently have a Chapter will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon Gift Card! Start your Summer giving something that spreads Phi Sigma Pi’s mission and values across the country–a connection!


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