E=MC2 Challenge: That’s a Wrap!

After 101 days of connections and conversations about growing Phi Sigma Pi, the E=MC2 Challenge wrapped up on May 26th! The challenge began on Founders Day and lasted 101 days to celebrate Phi Sigma Pi’s 101 years of growth. States where the National Office is looking for more connections were highlighted during the challenge, but connections went far and beyond those states. The connections submitted from this challenge expand across 12 different states, and include students, Alumni and faculty. This includes connections received  from 5 states where the National Office did not have contacts before the challenge.

Each connection submitted received a direct follow up from the Expansion Team. During these conversations we have been able to share what it looks like to start a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, the benefits of being a Member, and how Phi Sigma Pi can give back to a campus and surrounding community. This challenge also provided an opportunity to engage with Members and show what the process of starting a Chapter looks like from beginning to end.

With your support, Phi Sigma Pi has added five schools to our Expansion Pipeline from the E=MC2 challenge! Stay tuned here on the blog and on social media to see where we are headed and how you can support Phi Sigma Pi’s newest Chapters. Check out the 2017-2018 top 10 target schools for the Expansion Team below.

Thank you for supporting the expansion efforts of Phi Sigma Pi and for helping us give the opportunity of Brotherhood to more students. If you missed your chance to participate in this challenge and want to submit a connection to the National Office, click here!


University of South Florida St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, FL)


Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA)


University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

University of Illinois, Chicago* (Chicago, IL)


Pittsburg State University* (Pittsburg, KS)

Kansas University (Lawrence, KS)

New Jersey

Rutgers University, Newark (Newark, NJ)


Susquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA)


University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT)


University of Richmond (Richmond, VA)

* Previously existing Chapters we are working to revitalize


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