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Why should you submit a connection?

The National Office has received some great connections through the E=MC2  challenge and have already started the expansion process at several of the schools YOU have submitted. Today on the blog you will get to hear from Aubrey Klosterman (Beta Xi) as she shares why she connected Phi Sigma Pi with her friend at The […]

E=MC2 Challenge Updates

Tomorrow marks one month since the launch of the E=MC2 Challenge. That means there are just 74 more days to reach the goal of submitting 200 connections by Phi Sigma Pi Members. Just like Chapters know that personal interactions are the best way to recruit new Members, nationally Phi Sigma Pi is looking for your […]

Introducing the Rowan University Colony

Phi Sigma Pi would like to introduce our newest Colony at Rowan University! In today’s Expansion Map Monday post, you will get a sneak peek at what the next few weeks holds for this group as they work to become a Nationally recognized Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. The National Office has […]

Making Connections FAQ

Did you catch the launch of Phi Sigma Pi’s E=MC2 challenge? For the next 88 days we are challenging the Brotherhood to submit 200 connections to students, faculty, staff and administrators at campuses across the country. These connections, at schools that do not have a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, open up the door to […]

E=MC2 Challenge: Let’s make connections!

Phi Sigma Pi just turned 101! To kick off the next 100 years of Phi Sigma Pi, we are celebrating Founder’s Day with the launch of the E=MC2 Challenge! E=MC2 stands for Expansion= Making Connections, Making Chapters! Just like Chapters desire to share our ideals with new Members, nationally Phi Sigma Pi desires to share […]

Recruitment: Expansion Edition

The fall season brings cooler weather, sports and everyone’s favorite fall activity–RECRUITMENT! As Chapters begin hosting recruitment events the National Office is also in full recruitment mode, working to start new Chapters of Phi Sigma Pi. Our goal is to grow Phi Sigma Pi so that together we can make a larger impact in our […]

A Family Legacy

Every Member of Phi Sigma Pi has the opportunity to leave their legacy in their Chapter, on campus and in their communities. For some Members, this legacy takes a whole new meaning, as they welcome family members into the Brotherhood. Two sisters were added to this exclusive list this semester as Lexie Selzer (Alpha Upsilon […]