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Why Nominate Your Chapter for an Award?

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to nominate your Chapter for a National Award! Every year, the National Office recognizes Chapters for their excellence at the Banquet and Awards Celebration during National Convention. However, we can only recognize you if you share your successes with us! That’s why we’re here to tell […]

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Sending your Delegate to #pspnc2017

Grand Chapter: you know it happens every year and 2017 is no exception. This year the 2017 National Convention will be held in Washington D.C. from August 2 – August 6, 2017. All Chapters will be required to send at least one Delegate as outlined in the National Constitution. Article V, Section 3: Each Collegiate […]

2016 National Convention Highlight: What you should pack!

Before we get to KC, we need to pack. What to bring? Here’s a list: Phi Sigma Pi Apparel- Everything you own, bring it (it does need to fit in your suitcase though)! A sweatshirt is a good item to pack. It might get chilly in the meeting rooms so you want to be prepared. Remember to […]

Let’s Create Change for HOBY!

The first year of our HOBY partnership has introduced many of us to an amazing organization. Members, Council and Staff have all volunteered for HOBY Seminars across the country in 2016 and they all walked away with a new appreciation for the organization. At every National Convention, we try to give back to the community […]

2016 National Convention Highlight: Hear it from the Locals!

Where did the time go? We are now only 35 days away from the 2016 Phi Sigma Pi National Convention. That’s almost less than a month! By now we hope you’ve explored all of the highlights and reasons why you should join us in Kansas City from July 27-31. If you haven’t registered, there’s still […]

2016 National Convention Highlight: LiA Facilitator Training

The countdown continues: 70 days until Phi Sigma Pi’s 2016 National Convention! As we present all of the awesome happenings going on this year, we definitely MUST highlight the great Leadership in Action opportunities our Members will have. Leadership in Action has grown tremendously since the program was first launched at the 2010 National Convention […]

2016 National Convention Highlight: Elections and Amendments

We’re getting closer! Only 77 days until Phi Sigma Pi’s 2016 National Convention! We’re highlighting all of the great happenings that you will want to be sure to participate in this year and today we’re talking about some important business that will affect the future of our Fraternity. Not only is this year’s Convention important […]