Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2016: Chapter Advisor Spotlight

Caryn Tervilliger

Caryn Terwilliger

To wrap up National Volunteer Week 2016 we would like to honor and recognize our Chapter Advisors, who take time from their personal and professional responsibilities to guide and mentor our Collegiate Members. As we celebrate our Centennial year, we are pleased to honor the outstanding Volunteers who make our Fraternity strong.

Caryn Terwilliger, Assistant Professor, College of Education, shares her involvement serving as the Chapter Advisor for the Iota Chapter at Bloomsburg University.


How did you get involved with Phi Sigma Pi?
During the Fall 2015 semester I had an exceptional student, Emily Herman, enrolled in one of my classes. Emily was a transfer student and had been actively involved the Theta Chapter at Mansfield University. She approached me about reestablishing the Iota Chapter at Bloomsburg University. After Emily shared more about Phi Sigma Pi, including its values and goals of developing students’ scholarship, leadership, and fellowship, I realized that this Honor Fraternity was indeed something unique and special. Emily’s passion was one I wanted all students to experience themselves. Her enthusiasm paired with my discussions with Anika Jackson, Associate Executive Director of Phi Sigma Pi, sealed the deal. Reestablishing the Iota Chapter where diverse students and majors from across campus could support the professional and personal growth of each other as a family, as Brothers, was something I wanted to help facilitate.

What are your goals as Iota’s Chapter Advisor?
As a Co-Advisor with my colleague, Daniel Roesch, we seek to create a collaborative space where the the Iota Chapter continually reflects on the values of Phi Sigma Pi and strategically set goals for implementingthem in their living and learning. This would include leadership programming, service-learning opportunities, and Brotherhood. Learning with and about others will help each Brother learn more about themselves and their potential. We want the brothers to understand that their involvement is not just about what they get from participating, but equally as important is what they give.

Caryn (second row, center) and the Iota Chapter at Bloomsburg University

Caryn (second row, center) and the Iota Chapter at Bloomsburg University

How can our Chapters build a strong relationship with their Chapter Advisor?
Chapter Advisors should be present and available. Attending Brotherhood meetings, events, and Induction Ceremonies, when available, helps Brothers know who they are and that you care. Modeling the Tripod values of Phi Sigma Pi, along with demonstrating that you’re invested in them as people. Our current Iota Chapter President, Rachel Gwinn, is also a great leader and liaison between the Members and Faculty Advisors  She communicates regularly with me and works with the Executive Board to help foster unity and balance among the Chapter’s Members.

Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi?
The overarching values, camaraderie, and engagement with students! I love being a part of this organization in which I believe makes a difference in individuals – and the collective lives of others.

Thank you to all of our Collegiate Chapter Advisors and Alumni Advisors. We greatly appreciate you sharing your precious time, talents and experiences to guide and mentor our Members.


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